A single mistake led to a lifetime ban from the PTE test

Booking a PTE (Pearson Test of English) exam is a crucial step for students who aspire to study abroad or immigrate to a foreign country. However, the process of booking a PTE date can be daunting, especially when one is trying to save money. Unfortunately, many students fall prey to unauthorized third-party websites or agents offering to book a PTE date at a lower cost. Such students end up facing dire consequences, as their lives get ruined due to fraudulent activities carried out by these agents.

One such incident happened with a student who had been preparing for her PTE exam for the last six months. Asmita had always dreamt of pursuing her higher education in a foreign country. She had been preparing for her PTE exam for the last six months and had appeared for multiple exams. However, with each attempt, she was only getting financially weaker. It was then that she saw a Facebook post by a scammer that caught her attention. The post mentioned that PTE exam dates were being booked at a much cheaper rate than usual (he never mentioned that he was using fraudulent credit card). Asmita was thrilled at the idea of saving some money and immediately contacted the person mentioned in the post.

The person on the other end of the line was cordial and offered to book Asmita’s exam date at a cheaper rate. The person never revealed that they were using a fraudulent credit card to make the payment. Overjoyed at the news of booking her PTE exam date, Asmita was unaware of the danger that awaited her.

She happily booked her book date and continued preparing for the test. After some time, Asmita’s PTE account got restricted, and she was unable to access it. She was devastated and did not know what to do next. She contacted PTE Help center for help and she got to know that there is a fraud chargeback. (see attachment)

Her account was restricted.

Response from PTE support team

In her desperation, Asmita turned to her friends for help. One of her friends suggested that she create a new PTE ID with a new email ID and phone number. Asmita followed the advice and created a new ID it was like PTE did not recognize her new id as old one and she booked her date again.

Asmita was able to appear in the test using her new ID, but she did not receive her results. Instead, she received an email stating that there were multiple accounts under her name, (but the PTE system used her biometrics, DOB, and name) and she could not appear for the exam until the payment was cleared.

PTE identified her new account.

Here was PTE teams response.

The person who had booked her PTE exam date had disappeared, and there was no way to make payment with the same card.

Asmita’s life has been ruined because of one mistake. She had lost all her money, and her dreams of studying abroad were shattered. She could not appear for the PTE exam again because the PTE system will be banned as they will always recognize her new PTE account and restrict it as well as they have her biometrics data. Her only mistake was booking her PTE exam date through an unauthorized third party.

Asmita’s story is a warning for all students who aspire to study abroad. They should avoid unauthorized third-party websites or agents and book their exam dates directly through the official PTE website. Saving some money by booking the exam date through an unauthorized third party can lead to devastating consequences. Students must take the necessary precautions and follow the official channels to ensure a smooth and hassle-free PTE exam experience.

Many students have been having the same issue when booking through unauthorized agents who use fraudulent credit cards.The list goes on but here we have only few example victims.

Victim 2

Victim 3

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